Have you always wanted your own solar panels to power your home in the event of a blackout but don’t have the funds to install them? Would you believe me if I told you I discovered a program that teaches you how to install solar power for as little as $200? It’s called the Backyard Revolution System, and it’s based on a concept developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology experts (MIT).

What is the Backyard Revolution System, and how does it work?

The Backyard Revolution System will teach you how to turn your backyard into something more useful without depending on electricity from a power company. When you turn to this program, you will receive a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to get started with your own solar panels …that’s right, you’ll learn how to do it all by yourself, without any help. Once you get into the program, you’re probably going to be surprised by how easy it is to get started.

About the author – Zack Bennett

Zack Bennett, a carpenter by trade, is the brains behind this system. People are taken aback when they learn that a carpenter devised such an effective system. This is due to the fact that the system is so good that they mistakenly believe it was designed by an engineer, which is understandable.

After having a near-death experience, Zack Bennet decided to create such a system. His story is actually quite fascinating. It all began during a blackout in his area, which rendered his home powerless. When there are blackouts, criminals see it as an opportunity to break into people’s homes. During the blackout, an intruder broke into Zack Bennet’s house, and the invader shot Mr. Bennet while he was trying to keep his daughter safe.

Mr. Bennett’s Backyard Revolution program was inspired by this incident. He believed that if his porch light had been turned on, the intruder would have stayed away.

He considered a variety of options during his search for an alternative energy source, but ultimately decided that solar energy would be the best option. He came across MIT research, which enabled him to create this system.

Backyard Revolution System Features

The Entire Installation Procedure

What’s great about Backyard Revolution is that it includes the entire installation process, making solar energy accessible to people all over the world. Gone are the days when you needed to be a professional to complete a project like this for your home. All you need now is the Backyard Revolution System, and you’ll have all the information you need to finish the job (the right way).

Backyard Revolution comes with PDF and CD form instructions to make installation easier for users. I think the video guide is extremely useful – it will give you a good idea of how the system works. You’ll also get Stockpiling Secrets, reports on protection protocol, and Homestead Alternative Sources in addition to all of the above.

No Maintenance Cost

Nobody in their right mind wants to keep putting money into maintenance. You won’t have to worry about that with this system because it requires no maintenance. After about ten minutes, repair crews will arrive in your neighborhood if there is a blackout in your area. To get to the top of those utility poles, they usually use cherry pickers, and their trucks may get in your way. You won’t have to worry about dealing with power grid issues if you have the Backyard Revolution program on your side.

The solar panels you make from your own home will require little to no maintenance and will last for many years. Most people have discovered that if something goes wrong with their panels, they can fix it themselves.

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It’s Perfect for Any Weather

Many people are concerned about using solar power for their home because they believe it will leave them without electricity on cloudy or dark days. The Backyard Revolution System has the advantage of working in all weather conditions once it is set up. Yes, it will work even in cloudy conditions, so don’t be concerned.

Let’s say you decide to use the panels for electricity one day and then turn them off. When the electricity goes out the next day due to a rainstorm, that solar panel will kick in and provide power to your home.

The panel absorbs cells and converts them into electricity, which it stores for later use. Only if the sun does not shine on the panel for several days in a row will you have to be concerned about losing power.

No Prior Experience is Required

Another cool feature of this system is that you won’t need any prior experience to set up your solar panels. Customers often dislike other guides that are similar to this one because it’s obvious that the authors didn’t think beginners would use the product. They wrote the guides as if they expected their readers to be able to decipher all of the jargon.

Zack Bennett, on the other hand, clearly recognizes that the people who read his guide may have no prior experience, which is why his guide is so simple to follow. In fact, you might already have most of the tools you’ll need and only need to go to the store for some materials.

Reduce The Amount of Money You Spend on Electricity

In the United States, the average power bill for a home can easily reach $300 per month. Using heaters during the winter and air conditioning during the hot summer months can easily drive up electricity bills. The fact that the Backyard Revolution Solar Panels can help you save money is a great feature. In fact, most users claim to have saved at least 60% on their energy bills.

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The goodness of of the Backyard Revolution

If you’re thinking about going solar and have decided to start using solar panels, you’re probably wondering what the advantages are. One of the most significant advantages of solar panels, such as those built with the Backyard Revolution System plans, is the amount of money you will save. If you use solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bill from $150+ per month to $80 (or even less) per month.

To give you an idea, people who used the Backyard Revolution program to install their solar panels saved $1200 in their first year of using solar power. Can you imagine how much money you’ll save with those figures?

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy.

We’re sure you’re aware that solar power is a renewable energy source. This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of electricity.

Simple to Follow

One of the most appealing features of the Backyard Revolution System is how simple it is to implement. Indeed, as we previously stated, it is so simple to follow that even those with no prior experience will be able to set up their own solar panels without assistance.

Long-term use

The panels should last for 20 years or more if you follow the step-by-step instructions for building your own Backyard Revolution solar panels.


You may be eligible for a deduction when you file your taxes. This is because the government gives incentives to people who use alternative energy sources in their homes.

Suitable for Houses of All Shapes and Sizes

Solar power can be used by anyone, regardless of where they live. It won’t be a problem if you live in a trailer because you can use solar energy. It’s also not a problem if you live in a mansion; you can benefit from solar energy just as well.

Working Throughout the Year

What’s great about this is that you’ll have solar power all year, even when the sun isn’t shining as brightly as it is in the summer. It only takes up 10 square feet, so it doesn’t take up much room.

Electricity will always be available to you.

Let’s say you live in a storm-prone area, such as Florida, and a hurricane has hit. The entire state is without power, but because you have solar panels, you’ll be one of the lucky ones who has power.

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Pros of Backyard Revolution

Installing it is simple.
Installation requires only a basic understanding of construction. After watching the included videos, we were able to see a young child easily installing the system. Many people have installed the panels in their homes and are extremely pleased with the results.

Those national grid systems are unreliable. They could collapse at any time. A simple limb falling on a power line can leave you without power for the entire day or night. The Backyard Revolution System is the way to go if you truly want your freedom. You will be able to generate electricity without relying on a power company with this system.

Most people can afford it.
Most people can afford the Backyard System. Do you know how much it typically costs to install traditional solar panels? Normally, it will cost more than $10,000… Most people don’t have this kind of cash on hand, which is why so many people opt not to have solar panels installed in their homes. You won’t have to spend $10,000 on solar panels if you use the Backyard Revolution.

This project will show you how to set up your own solar panel for as little as $200 (without any help). The cost of having your own solar panel installed using the program should not exceed $400. Seriously, the Backyard Revolution will provide you with a low-cost, high-efficiency alternative, and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

What’s cool about the Backyard system is that you can carry it around after you’ve built it and set it up. Yes, the setup is transportable. It’s so small that you could fit it in the back of your truck or even the trunk of your car.

Have Access to Electricity While Camping
Because it’s portable, you can take it along with you on camping and fishing trips. You’ll never be without power if you do it this way. Isn’t that fantastic?

It Doesn’t Take Long to Build
I’d say it takes about four hours for a beginner to learn how to use this system and get everything set up. The most difficult part would probably be locating a suitable location for the panels. I actually know someone who used this system and had it up and running in under two hours.

Friendly to the environment
This system is for you if you enjoy doing your part to help save the environment. Have you been following the news about global warming? I’m sure you’ve heard of it because it’s a popular topic. You must make every effort to reduce the number of emissions you emit into the atmosphere. The solar system is environmentally friendly because, unlike a traditional generator, it does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere.

Cons of Backyard Revolution

I try to avoid bringing up negatives in everyday life, but when writing reviews, I can’t avoid bringing up those negatives (it wouldn’t be fair to my readers). Yes, there are some drawbacks to Backyard Revolution, but these drawbacks do not outweigh the benefits of this product.

There are no charging facilities because these are only charged by sunlight. If you go days without seeing the sun, you might have a problem. This is the only disadvantage I can think of, and that’s how it works with solar panels. It’s not a big deal when you consider the price and the benefits you get, but I felt it was something I should mention.

Oh, and if you skip a single step in the process, you’ll be sorry, so make sure you pay attention to the instructions or you won’t get the results you want.

The Verdict

Zack Bennett’s backyard revolution is a great blueprint for a green energy solar system that can save you a lot of money on monthly electricity while taking up very little space.

It’s not just a crazy idea dreamed up in the backyard of the creator, zack Bennet, but a concept developed as a project by MIT experts.

We hope you found this Backyard Revolution review helpful; if you have any additional questions about the program, we’ve included some answers to frequently asked questions below.

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