After food and Clothes, Housing is one of the basic needs of every human being. Everybody wants to shelter and security with peace of mind. However, during the ongoing world pandemic and consequent lockdowns, many lost their jobs and resultantly surrendered their mortgaged properties. So housing crises are also on the loom, and low-cost housing solutions are under discussion at large. The Shipping Container Home Made Easy is your ultimate solution.

Like many others, I also faced these midlife crises last summer. I have to surrender my housing lease with no sufficient money to buy a new house for my family. So while looking for the solution, I came across this latest low-cost housing solution. Shipping container homes cost is the biggest motivation which urged me to get my hands on this. I researched thoroughly and found that shipping container homes are very much trending in the real estate market due to their affordability compared to conventional houses.

I am afraid of losing my little money on any fake products has have not earlier experience with shipping container homes DIY. So being a beginner, I got prepared and became more afraid of making mistakes while looking for shipping container homes. Amazon shown this very comprehensive guide by Adam Ketcher called Shipping Container Home Made Easy.

So, I have decided to try and know this will turn into my life’s best decision. Why? Because my new home is so cozy and trendy and I built this without any lease and mortgage with some quarter amount of investment compared to a traditional house.

An Intro to Shipping Container Home Made Easy:

Shipping Container Home Made Easy is a wholesome guide that offers container house plans pdf with a step-by-step roadmap to building a home from shipping containers. The distinctive feature of this product is not only a bunch of instructions with blueprints of standard floor plan but also a well-explained set of instructions which could also help you in the execution of your customized plan. How?

Use of Light, Heat, and Reflection:

The use of light, heat, and reflection is well explained, and everybody can understand their importance in constructing a container home.

Understanding of Ventilation and Insulation:

Since these container homes are built-in steel cargo containers, they are very prone to scorching weather. So this program well explained the use of ventilation and insulation through real-life examples.

Space Optimization for Wiring and Pipes:

This program has explicit instruction for the use of short space and conducting material of containers for the sound disposal of electrical wiring and water pipes with minimal cost.

Sourcing and Placement of Containers:

This guide explained how to source the best container from your surrounding area and provides insights on how to get the land and the necessary approval process for the installation.

Adam Ketcher- The Man behind the Shipping Container Home Made Easy:

Adam Ketcher is the man behind this fantastic program, a highly experienced architect specializing in this state-of-the-art DYI project. He built 146 shipping container homes for his clients during his successful career of more than twenty years.

This program is based on the questions asked by the various customers of Mr. Adma Ketcher and the challenges faced by him during his decade-long professional career. He compiled all his knowledge to presented in a well-organized manner at a very affordable price.

How the Shipping Container Home Made Easy Works:

Since It’s a simple step-by-step process that is designed to understand and workable for all. So there is no existing knowledge and experience is required to use this program. Infect, it’s evident to explain the following main building blocks of this system;

  • How to read floor plan measurements.
  • How to source a suitable container.
  • The Hidden Secrets of Negotiations.
  • It will guide How to understand architectural floor plans with dimensions.
  • This program explained that How to understand window dimensions on floor plans.
  • How to assemble all the parts and blocks required to build a container home.
  • Blue Prints of the most unique and stunning designs you have ever imagined.
  • A comprehensive guide of wiring, lighting, piping, and space utilization.

This program is working with a range of sizes of container homes and flexible budgets. Even after the mastering, anybody will be able to present the luxury container homes for sale.

PROS & CONS of Shipping Container Home Made Easy:

Since every product has its PROS and CONS because there is always scope for improvement, we discuss a few advantages and disadvantages of Shipping Container Home Made Easy for better understanding and customer buying decision.


Cost Efficient Plans: 

Shipping container homes are more cost-effective as compared to traditional homes. You can purchase a modern container home for as low as $ 10,000. By following this book, you will be able to eliminate the additional labor and contractor fee and be capable of renovating and customizing you container home by using the shipping container homes plans pdf through various DIY techniques.

Quick Construction Layouts: 

This book offered the easy to build container homes strategies. You have to select among the 60ft, 40ft, and 20ft shipping container homes plans, and you will be able to construct you dream home within a short period of one month.

Easy Modification Elevation & Floor Plans:

This program is offered with a variety of floor plans with modification techniques. You can select from a single container studio apartment to 4 bedroom shipping container home plans by a combination of multiple containers. By following these techniques, you can construct a larger home with all modern amenities like a drawing-room, living room, and dining room.

Easy Transfer and Mobility Techniques:

In this book, all the necessary processes have been explained for moving and shifting these container homes from one place to another place. This is making very simple and easy to understand while you are moving stations or relocation.

Container Sourcing and Negotiation Techniques:

This book will guide you on how to source cheap and affordable shipping containers in your surrounding areas. There are proven methods following which you will be able to get your required container for free. You will learn the negotiation techniques that sometimes they will even ready to pay you for taking their containers.

Safety and Security Resources:

This program will lead you from building to the maintenance of container homes. This is based on the proven system to create a container home that can bear any natural deserter including hurricanes and earthquakes. So this program will make the container homes secure and the safest living option.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Since this product is being offered with 60 days money-back guarantee, so you do not have to worry regarding your investment. You can claim the refund if you have not achieved the proposed benefits from your purchase.


Less Eco-Friendly:

Sometimes you acquired the used container to build your home. However, you cannot ascertain the usage history of that container. Suppose a container has been used for the transportation of any dangerous chemical. In that case, it will create a safety hazard for human living.

Restricted Permissions:

There is a limitation where you don’t know which states allow shipping container homes. So somehow, it’s pretty tricky to get the necessary building permits for the restricted zones.  

Limited Availability:

This is a digital resource product and referred and only available in the form of an e-book, so you always need a digital device to read it.

Product Bonus Pack:

This fantastic guide is available for just $ 47, including six appended bonus resources worth more than $400 without any additional charges:

  • Shipping Container Homesteading
  • Shipping Container Negotiation Secrets
  • Living Off-The-Grid
  • Preparing for the Coming Collapse
  • Lifetime Updates Guarantee
  • Customer Support By Author


Shipping Container Home Made Easy is proved to be a life-changing experience for me. When you lose your house with ongoing financial crises, this guide comes out of the blue as a blessing for me. Most importantly, you cannot compare that happiness that came from building your dream home by yourself.  

Being a learner, you not only learn the new skill of sourcing and negotiation but save a lot of money from sidewise construction materials while building your container home. So as per my conclusion, this is the best product available in the market on this subject.

So stop overthinking and grab this lifetime opportunity. Just click the below mentioned to buy it now.

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