Singorama will benefit you whether you are just learning to sing or already know how to sing but want to improve. Even professional singers will benefit from the curriculum in terms of enhancing their vocal abilities.

Users can learn continually for a long period if they take a full online singing course with enough materials. Singorama also comes with unique software that allows you to record your voice like a pro singer.

It includes a variety of classes, workbooks, and unique software to assist you in completing the program. The program includes a number of techniques that will help you sing correctly.

Setting the expectations

The program covers music theory, diaphragm breathing techniques, posture, harmony, and a variety of other topics that first-time singers may not be aware of. The course consists of a number of lessons, each of which focuses on a different topic.

Aside from training to help you improve your singing, the program also addresses other crucial aspects of singing, such as your stage presence when performing live. It demonstrates several ways of expressing yourself while performing.

Singorama also includes instruction on how to write songs. This portion will teach you the principles of songwriting, which is a great addition that you won’t find in other online singing classes.

1: Starting point

Introduction and How to Understand Your Voice (Lesson 1)
Lesson 2: Developing a Stronger Voice
The Method of Loaded Sonancy is the third lesson.

The first section of the course serves as a primer. It will assist you in gaining a better understanding of your vocals. You must perform a range of warm-up activities to learn how to improve and strengthen your voice. Part 1 includes correct breathing and posture as well. These sections offer all of the necessary information for you to improve as a vocalist. The vocal exercises include the following:

Scales for warming up, the siren, the lip roll, the 121 vocal exercise, and many others.

2: Voicing

The fourth lesson is about tone.
Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch, Pitch,
Lesson 6: Vocalization Across Boundaries (Head Voice and Chest Voice)
Lesson 7: Breaking Bad Habits
Part 1 of Octave Power Generator Lesson 8 (Extending Your Range)

Part 2 delves into the various voice approaches, which is all useful information. You’ll learn strategies for singing that will make you sound wonderful. You’ll also learn about the different types of voices that people have.

Audio Lesson 7 is a fantastic segment. It addresses the several blunders that many singers make. You should avoid these unhealthy habits as much as possible.

The software’s second section focuses on expanding your vocal range. One feature of singing that all vocalists strive for is a wide range.

3: The basics of musicality

Lesson 9: Time Signatures, Key Signatures, and Rhythm
Minor and Major Keys (Lesson 10) (The Solfege System)
Solfege and Intervals (Lesson 11)

Part 3 delves into the technical aspects of the situation. Although it may appear tedious, music theory fundamentals are crucial, so don’t skip this section. There is a lot to learn when it comes to music theory. Learning the fundamentals of music theory is critical for creating beautiful music.

To make great music, you must understand key signatures, time signatures and rhythm, and music intervals, among other things.

The Solfege System aids in the training and improvement of your voice by assisting you in reading music, picking up harmony, and learning songs.

4: Singing stying

Different Singing Styles (Lesson 12)
Recognizing Progressive Intervals (Lesson 13)
Lesson 14: Singing a Wide Range of Musical Genres
The program’s fourth segment is all about diverse singing styles. It encompasses a wide range of musical styles and genres.

5: Song analysis

Lesson 15: Understanding Song Meaning – Lyrics and Tone
Lesson 16: Understanding Song Meanings – Emotion & Personality
Lesson 17: Composing a Song
Part One of Lesson 18: Learning Complete Songs
Part 2 of Lesson 19: Learning Complete Songs

The fifth and final section of the course focuses on studying a song, comprehending its meaning, and understanding its inner workings. This is entertaining. At Singorama, unlike other online singing courses, you will learn whole songs. You will learn the music meaning based on the tones, emotions, personality, and lyrics. You’ll learn how to write your own song as well as how to sing other tunes.

6: Further singing career tips

Lesson 20: Problem-Solving Techniques
Lesson 21: Your Future as a Singer Lesson 22: Octave Power Generator Part 2 Lesson 23: Tips for Performing Live Lesson 24: How to Nail Auditions Lesson 25: Your First Songwriting Lesson 26: Singing with a Band Lesson 27: Overcoming Stage Fright

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals of singing, this section will go over everything else you’ll need to become a professional singer. It covers a wide range of topics that all vocalists face, including live performance techniques, audition preparation, composing, and singing with a band. It also addresses other issues, such as overcoming stage fear.

This section of the software contains the Octave Power Generator Part Two, which will help you expand your vocal range and boost your vocal power.

7: Additional bonuses

A PDF workbook is included with Singorama and serves as a guide for the various lessons. It also comes with a second workbook that teaches you how to read music in various ways.

Because you will almost certainly be collaborating with other musicians, reading music is an important ability to master.

This course comes with special software that may be used as a pitch-training course as well as a mini recording studio. When it comes to mastering your voice, this software is really useful. By recording and analyzing your voice, you can figure out if you’re singing correctly and if you’re improving.

There’s a distinction between hearing yourself sing and how you sound to others. On a recording, your voice also sounds different. Singorama’s advantage over other singing lessons is the program’s distinctive software. It’s also a superior course because of the pitch-training program.

Apart from that, you’ll gain something to help you sight-read music, which is still a crucial part of being a vocalist. Sightreading music will be easier if you have your music sheet.

Final thoughts about Singorama

It is not necessary to read the full book. You can concentrate on either the first or second segment. The first half is geared toward beginners, while the second is for more experienced singers. The links in the workbook will lead you to the audio lesson for that topic. Switching between examples is a breeze with this feature.

Two more books are included with Singorama. The first teaches music reading, while the second includes a range of singing approaches. You’ll need a fast and dependable internet connection because this product comprises over 1GB of software and several audio files. Otherwise, downloading them all may take some time.

If you don’t want to learn on your computer or laptop, you could try another online vocal training. You have the option of choosing between Superior Singing Method and Singing Success. These programs are easy to learn and follow because they are audio and video based. This is especially true if you are often on the go.
The most beneficial aspect of the curriculum is the amount of material and knowledge available. The software package can be pretty costly, but the amount of materials and lessons you will receive makes the cost reasonable.

The conclusion

Singorama is a fantastic program in general. Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate, or advanced singer, Singorama has something to offer to help you learn the fundamentals of singing and improve your singing skills.

If learning from a computer isn’t an issue for you, this course could be ideal for you. I recommend that you give it a shot.