Electricity is among the most consumed goods nowadays. Just imagine all the appliances you have at home, including a laptop, TV, iron, hairdryer, and so on.

And being connected to high technology appliances means having them connected to electricity as well. In order for you to know how much electricity they consume exactly every day, read the label that’s usually displayed on appliances.

When using them, you need to bear in mind their power consumption levels. Most of all, when you go out, make sure everything is shut off; if not, you will be wasting energy by leaving them on standby mode (which means they are still connected to electricity, but they don’t do anything).

To make the most out of your energy consumption, read on to find out how you can cut your electricity bill down by half. The following hints will help you lower costs and be greener at the same time.

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1. Get An Energy Audit

Usually, people don’t even hesitate to waste energy. For instance, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), ” about 20 percent of household electricity is used on lighting and appliances that are turned off when not needed”.

That’s why you need to change your behavior; hire an expert if needed. He will come over and check what exactly needs to be done. He will advise you on the most efficient measures to take.

Get An Energy Audit

2. Install Efficient Appliances

Install energy-efficient appliances at home, if possible. Some are more power-consuming than others, so make sure you do your homework before making a purchase. For instance, dishwashers are more economical than washing dishes by hand.

3. Switch Off Appliances at Night

What most people don’t know is that appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers consume more power during the night, which is when they work (they are plugged in all day). That’s why you should make it a habit to unplug them after using them.

4. Turn Off Lights

Most of the energy you use is not for appliances at all, but rather -for lights. In fact, according to Energy Star, “an incandescent light bulb will make a refrigerator consume as much as 5 percent more electricity than it would otherwise need”. Think about that!

Switch off lights when going out, and don’t forget to turn off the television, computer, and other appliances that you do not use. If all of us did that, we would be able to save a ton of electricity!

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5. Clean The Lint Filter In Your Dryer

According to Energy Star, “a clean dryer lint filter allows the dryer to operate more efficiently by decreasing the workload of the dryer.” It’s an easy way to save energy.

6. Don’t Overload Your Dishwasher

Overloading your dishwasher will only lead to wasting water and electricity. Remember that you should use each appliance at its full capacity in order for them not to work harder than they are supposed to.

How to cut electric bill in half

7. Do Not Put Appliances At Stand-By Mode

This is another common mistake people make. If you do not use an appliance for some time (for instance, television), switch it off in standby mode. If, on the other hand, you forget to do that, your appliances will work harder than they need to and consume more electricity in order to function.

8. Unplug Refrigerators

Leave your refrigerator unplugged when you are not using it; the energy your refrigerator consumes will be lower this way compared to leaving it plugged in a while not in use (so that foods don’t spoil).

9. Use Energy Efficient Appliances When Shopping For A New One

Remember that energy-efficient appliances save a lot of energy. For instance, ENERGY STAR states that “a refrigerator with an A+++ rating will use about 30% less electricity than a B model.”

10. Don’t Freeze Your Foods Before Grilling Them

If you want to grill your food, don’t put it in the freezer. According to Energy Star, “freezing food before cooking it can increase total energy use by 50 percent or more.”

11. Use The Dishwasher Rather Than Handwashing

This is another easy way to save energy and water. When you feel like washing dishes, think twice; if your dishwasher has a full load of dirty dishes -use it!

12. Use the Right Light Bulbs

Choose light bulbs in accordance with your needs, in order to save energy. For instance, if you use lamps only occasionally, choose incandescent bulbs instead of LEDs or fluorescent ones (which are more expensive). Also, remember that compact-fluorescent light bulbs are not made for all lamps; test them before buying!

Use the Right Light Bulbs

13. Use Your Microwave More Efficiently

According to Energy Star, “some microwave ovens use power even when a microwave-safe dish is removed after the cooking time has elapsed.” That’s why it’s better to check on your food from time to time – don’t forget – it will cook faster!


That’s all, folks! 13 simple tips on how you can cut your electricity bill half. Do your part so that we all contribute to the environment. Remember, if everyone conserved some energy -we’d be able to save more than 50% of the electricity used. So start conserving today and share some of these tips with your fellows as well. If you want quick, easy, and long-term results, then buying an infinity energy generator could be the best possible solution.

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