You came home after a long day and wanted to rest. As soon as you opened your door and entered your house and lay down on your couch, your little dog was waiting for you, and he started to jump on you.

You have two feelings right now, one is a feeling of joy and happiness to see your dog trying to reconnect with you, and the other is a feeling of worry because your dog has never done that before, and now you must be wondering why does my dog jump on me when I get home?

Your dog jumps on you when you get home because your dog gets excited about your arrival, and he wants to play with you. Another reason could be that your dog wants to investigate you or just he wants your attention.

Now let’s talk about all the possible reasons in detail; however, if you are looking for a solution to solve this behavior, then check out brain training for dogs. This is the perfect solution for all kinds of behavioral issues of dogs.

1. It wants Attention

By jumping on you, your dog wants to get your attention. Whenever you are busy and want to spend some time by yourself, it can bother other people or things around you. It also happens that when the people in the house already have a lot of friends over, it feels left out because it’s not getting enough attention from anyone in the family.

Therefore, if you notice your dog jumping on you when you get home, he wants your attention and is trying to get your attention. You can solve this problem by giving him extra love and affection or trying to play with him so that he will not want to jump on you again the next time you come back home.

your dog jumps on you because it wants your attention

2. It wants to Re-connect with you

Dogs are very social creatures, and they love to be around their family members. Dogs are also inclined towards the people who have the same energy levels as them, so if your dog is an energetic one then it will spend more time with you because it gets along well with people who have a lot of energy and the same kind of energy as them.

When you come home from work, your dog is very excited to see you because it misses you a lot. Your pet will literally be jumping with happiness when it sees that its owner has finally arrived at the house. In this case, your dog also wants to re-connect with you and spend some more time with you.

3. It Wants to Play

Most of the time, when dogs jump on their owners, they want to play. Dogs are very playful creatures, and they love to play games with their family members. If your dog jumps on you, it is probably because it wants to play a game with you.

In order to avoid this, you can try to tire your dog out before you come home from work. This can be done by taking your pet for a long walk or playing with it for a longer period of time. Once your dog is tired, it will not jump on you because it will be busy sleeping.

4. It Wants to Investigate You

When you come home from work, your dog is unable to see you because it closes behind you. In order to make sure that its owner has finally arrived at home, the dog jumps on you so that it can investigate whether this is a stranger coming into your house or just a family member who has arrived back home.

Why Your Dog Jumps On You When You Get Home

5. Not Enough Training

Your dog might also get over-excited because it does not know how to control itself when its owner gets home. If you come home after a long day of work, then your dog might start jumping on you even though it knows that this is not the right way to greet someone.

It happens sometimes that the dogs are so excited about their owners’ arrival that they do not even realize that they are jumping on them.

6. Your Dog Feels Anxious

Some dogs are anxious creatures, and they get very stressed out when their owners leave them alone for a long period of time. It can also happen that your dog might feel like it is not loved enough by you because all of you spend more time with the other family members rather than him or her. This can make your dog feel isolated, and it will also make your pet want to spend more time with you.

Since all dogs are very social creatures, they feel anxious when they do not have the company of their owners for a long period of time. That’s why when your dog sees that you are back home again then it is going to jump on your lap or wherever it can find space to show its excitement.

7. Your Dog is Excited About Food

If you come back home after a long day of work, then your dog might be very excited to see you because it knows that you are going to give it something special for dinner. Most of the time, dogs get excited about food when their owners come back home, so this can also be a reason for your dog to jump on you when you get back home.

Since dogs are very excited creatures, they are not able to control their emotions when their owners come back home with food. That’s why your dog will probably jump on you in order to let its owner know that it is hungry and wants to eat something immediately after getting down.

your dog jumps on you to get food

8. Want to Have Your Better Viewed

Your dog would start jumping on you to have a clear view of you so that they can know what you are doing and why not play with him. Once your dog jumps on you, it will be able to see you properly and know why you are not paying any attention to him or her.

9. Your Dog Wants Your Affection

Pets are not like human beings; they get very excited when their owners come back home after a long and tiring day. Your dog might be so happy to see you that it will jump on you and try to lick your face. This is probably because your dog knows that if it gets some affection from you then it will feel valued and loved. The dog knows that it is a part of your family and wants you to show this affection when you get back home from work.

10. Your Dog Is Just High In Energy

Some dogs are just very high in energy and they cannot control themselves when their owners come home. This is usually the case with puppies since they have a lot of energy and they want to expend it all as soon as possible. If your dog is jumping on you then it might be because it is just very energetic and has not yet learned how to control its energy.

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If you want your dog to stop jumping on you when you get back home then it will probably help if the dog sees that there are no rewards for this type of behavior. However, the best solution is to brain train your dog, and for that check out braining training for dogs as it will not only solve this problem but will completely train your dog’s brain to behave properly as per your instructions.

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